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Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer New Motion Party At Luna Park Sydney, by Eva Rinaldi In the latest of big music gigs to hit Sydney the New Motion Party has gone off with a bang. We're pleased to report that it was not a train wreck, nor a car accident (sponsored by Hyundai), as if you could have missed the advertising. Tonight's celebrity list included included Marvin Priest (son of Maxi) and Aloe Blacc. Make no mistake, Marvin was there to perform to the best of his ability. He's currently got two of the biggest club anthems on the ARIA charts and you might have guessed that he's the son of reggae legend Maxi Priest. It's the first time the London-born legend in the making has been to Luna Park. He joined hip hop-jazz artist Aloe Blacc ('I Need A Dollar'). "I’m excited - I’ve got a new summer anthem to play," Priest said. We were pleased to find out that Priest has called Australia home for the past two years, soaking it up when he on tour with his famous father. "I love how relaxed and chilled out Aussies are - they’re just mad cool," he said. Priest performs what can be described as soul-infused urban club anthems. He's set to release his debut album Beats & Blips via Island Records on 25th November. His first single was 'Own This Club' and it climaxed #6 on the ARIA singles chart and went double platinum. Probed about his success Priest said "I’m blown away by it, I’m happy and excited but it’s what I’ve always wanted, I’ve put in my years and I need to do music." Priest is happy to see that Australia is really starting to embrace high quality urban dance producers. Well done to everyone involved with the New Motion Party, and we look forward to continuing to track the success of the artists who performed tonight. Websites Luna Park Sydney www.lunaparksydney.com The Crystal Palace www.crystalpalacesydney.com Aloe Blacc www.aloeblacc.com Hyundi (Australia) www.hyundai.com.au Eva Rinaldi Photography www.evarinaldi.com Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr www.flickr.com/evarinaldiphotography Splash News www.splashnews.com

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Image by twintermute " 243429293 I hope the world goes into chaos. I want more terrorist bombings, more wars, basically anything that has to do with death, destruction or suffering. I act like I am against the war in iraq and how immoral war is. I speak of peace and respect to all of humanity. But, when I wake up in the morning and read the paper, I am secretly wishing I find a news story of U.S soldiers being killed up or innocent children having their legs blown off. I know its weird, I used to deny these feelings I had. But now I accept them. Sex and violence is the only thing that gives me pleasure. I say embrace the chaos everyone, its so appeasing. 431297202 After 9/11, I was completely duped by the Bush administration's lies. I said some very bad things about Iraq, and I honestly expected that we'd capture Saddam then clear out. I knew Bush was an idiot, but I thought for once he was putting America's interests ahead of his oil connections. I feel like such a fool. 198499133 I live in a small town in Kansas. I've always been the artsy type..painting, photography...while most other guys around here were more jocky. Tons of guys joined the millitary after high school and now almost all of them are in Iraq. They send letters home saying how proud they are of their wives and how it must be hard for them to deal with their husbands being away. Well do you know how they deal with it? They fuck me. Thats right. While you are away getting your ass hot off I'm shooting myself off in your wifes ass. Thank God for George Bush. I have about 4 wives I'm currently fucking because of his great leadership. I voted republican this year and then promptly went to a shipped off wives's home and came in her mouth. 663192506 I selfishly avoided going to see my grandfather when he was in the hospital, until the day he died, and he was already in a coma. I think i mostly did this because i hate having to fake affection for family members. I have absolutely no feelings, for anyone but myself, and am completely unable to empathise with others. On a regular basis i imagine what it would be like if my whole family died. I always imagine tragic things happening like that because i imagine that it will somehow shock me out of my apathy and maybe i'll actually feel something for at least a little while. I was secretly very excited about 9/11, not because i hate America, on the contrary i'm a bit of a flagwaving asshole, and sometimes I find myself hating liberal celebrities and protesters to unreasonable degrees. I was just happy that something was finally happening to shake things up a bit, even if it meant that thousands were going to die. Same thing with Iraq. Im just selfish. I think all the time about the end of the world coming, and the sooner the better. 441956508 First off my wife is in Iraq and in the time that she's been gone I've done nothing but go on 3 or 4 day benders of methamphetamines or any drugs that I could get my hands on at the time, I spend all of our money and I have a stripper wanting to fuck me, I havnt given in yet but I likely will any day now. 706542473 I just finished a year of active duty in Baghdad and after returning home all I feel is hatred for the US Media and the Democrats. The media makes it sound like we are hated in Iraq and things are terrible. The vast majority people over there loved us and are thankful we removed Hussein...it is just a few radicals ruining it. I was proud to do my service and I look forward to returning to Iraq in 4 months. The Democrats say I am being sent to die by a weak President...what? I am going with pride to serve my country, defend my people, and help great people rebuild their great nation. The media and Democrats know the truth and feed lies to the American public about the war in Iraq - that is what makes it so terrible. I hate them. I feel like the people of Iraq are more my friends than the US Media and these Democrats like Kerry and Dean. I am proud of what I am doing, I know it is a good and just war, and I am thankful to have a leader like Geroge W. Bush as my Commander in Chief. If people put Kerry in office...they reap the danger they sow. 808238721 I secretly feel a smug satisfaction hearing that things are going badly in Iraq, because I was against the war from the beginning, and I want the Bush administration to be humiliated. 295200060 Im a staff sergeant (E6) in the United States Army, stationed in Iraq. On one of our patrols 10 miles south of baghdad, the humvee in front of ours was hit with a rocket-propelled grenade. The corporal next to me stop the humvee and got out to return fire on the Iraqi insurgents. I quickly got out, loaded a clip into my M-16 and started firing on the shadowy figures. The explosion had kicked up alot of sand and it was very hard to see, but they were shooting at us. I had to of the enemies in my site and I nearly hesitated to fire, but I persevered and emptied my clip into them. About 5 minutes later the shooting stopped, and our medic quickly ran to the wreckage of the first humvee. The corporal and I investigated the insurgents who were shooting at us. I have been in fire fights before, but nothing could have prepared me for this. The person I had killed, was a mere child. How could I ever tell my girlfriend or family such a thing? I had nearly burst into tears when I told the chaplain but I still have not found a way to get over this. Would God forgive me? 735184890 I am from India, and poeople are constantly thinking I am a terrorist from Iraq or Afghanistan. It makes me so angry becuase i am from INDIA, and i am just as scared of terrorists as the next person. I wish people would just give me a chance before they shun me frmo their lives, I only want to be their friend. 585865571 I want him to just bend me over and fuck me already. My boyfriend would never know because he is overseas in Iraq. I stayed out with the guy all night and I woke up late.........I didn't even have time to shower this morning. I feel so dirty and just wish he would bend me over already or, at least, try to stick his dick in my mouth, so that things can get ackward and I can dump him soon, before Steve gets back. 613682318 I'm going into the military. I can't wait to go to Iraq and kill lots of people. I don't hate these people because of there religion or ethnicity. I hate them because I can kill some of them legally. That is all. There is no other motive behind my anger. 604777911 I just learned about Peak Oil. I just learned that my intent of living the American dream is futile. I just leared that the man I hated, the president of the US, may actually be a hero for getting us Afghanistan and Iraq before anyone else and buying us some time. I just learned that my idyllic America existence is going to be a thing of the past in a few years. I just learned that war is going to be a constant in every one of our lives from now on. To all those on here that hate everyone and wish everyone would die, congrats. You're gonna get your wish. You're probably going to die too. The only way to avert all of this is for all of us to work hard and work together. Unfortunately most of us are too wrapped up in getting high, paid and laid. Enjoy this paradise while you can. 375011786 It would take all of 2 months for America to wipe out the middle east and take their oil. Imagine how cheap gas would be. I could get that Tahoe I want and not have to worry about gas prices costing to much. I say go for it George...why stop with Iraq. Also we wouldnt have to look at filthy sand muslims anymore. 974421934 I've been in the US army for close to seven years, and have become very adept at using a rifle, so much so that i could hit a moving target at 200 yards without the aid of a scope. Anyways, i volunteered to go on a tour of Iraq, not to help my country but to see what it feels like to kill a man. I don't particularly want anyone to die, but i want to experience this feeling..I kinda regret it now, but the way I reason this is that I'm going to be killing people who make life a living hell for other people. I'm not sure if i'm lying to myself at this point, I just hope i won't have to do anything i'm going to regret. 974413466 my stepdad is a military man. he got activated. hes leaving for iraq on april 15th. he wont be back until november 2005. my halfbrother is 8 months old, he wont see his daddy again until hes two and a half. sometimes i wish he would just die in iraq because the insurance policy is 0,000. we need that money to buy this house in north carolina. we need that money more than i need him. i dont need the damn baby either. 810055731 I am a Muslim. I practice Islam. I converted to Islam 10 years ago. My secret is that I hate people who think Muslims are the cause of the worlds’ problems. I hate people who give me a dirty look when they see my full beard. I hate people who post and say disparaging highly generalized comments. If they only knew the beauty and simplicity of Islam they too would convert. My only purpose in life is to try and live life according to rules established by God, not another man or my own faulty reasoning ability. By the way, Arabs make up a small percentage of the worlds’ Muslims. 398950095 I hate Democrats. We have civilians in Iraq getting their heads chopped off by terrorists and you flaming hippies are worried about the ozone layer. I want to spray aerosol hairspray in all of your faces. Fuck you. 610888980 I came home from Iraq a few months ago. My buddies and I got in some bad firefights but we all came out okay. War was really fun, even the killing. 873688599 My wife is in the reserves, and left to go to Iraq for a year. I guess I'm somewhat insecure, because I'm afraid she'll meet another army guy over there, and decides she likes "army life" more than civilian life with me. 680258834 I'm a MP for the United States Army and when I do search and seizures in Iraq I shoot unarmed people and tell my command that they were armed. I want to kill all of them. I hate muslims. I wish I could make them all eat pork. 473335717 i root against our troops in iraq. 192002518 I think about one of the guys I killed in Iraq. I'm an LT in the infantry. We needed to take down an radar station before the invasion. I snuck up and broke his neck. I've killed before, but never so close up and personal. And the thing is, when I saw his face- he was a kid. I know that by killing him I saved a lot of Americans by doing this. But everytime when I replay the image in my mind, it's my little brother's face (I am a father firgue to him). And I don't feel at all bad about the many other people I killed. Including the time when I slit somebody's throat and was covered in blood for the rest of the mission. And I feel bad about not caring. 849174094 Everyone has an opinion on that footage of those Iraqi prisoners of war getting sexually abused by US troops earlier this year. Some people are outraged by what happened while others don't think it's anywhere near as big of a deal as Arabs beheading Americans. I don't know about you, but there's just something so erotic about seeing these men in such poses, however degrading it must've been for them. I am constantly searching the net for new pictures of Iraqi soldiers being sexually abused so I can jack off to them. Problem is, though, that the old pictures are now starting to lose their effect; I'm starting to think that I may need to find even more brutal pictures to get off on soon. 275467124 I hate god damn liberals. I seriously want to punch them all in the face and ask why they would rather kill an unborn baby than in insurgent in Iraq. 608094312 Americans disgust me. I really wish they'd get a clue as to why the rest of the world hates them. I hope some piss-poor third world country like Iraq or Turkey scoops up some of those Weapons of Mass Destruction the States claim they already have... then use them to blow the shit out of the ignorant, arrogant, useless, concieted, warmongering Americans. This continent would be so much better without them. Plus, then I wouldn't be paying out the ass for gas at the pump anymore. Fuckin' Americans, die please. 273766094 It pisses me off when non-Americans talk shit about the citizens and the soldiers (including my brother) in Iraq. What the fuck?! If they think that American's like what our dumbass president is doing then they're so fucking wrong. Americans don't even like this country since Bush came into office. Seriously don't hate the player hate the game. You have no idea what the hell it feels like to just watch the world hate you and knowing that you can do nothing about it. So lay the fuck off you pricks. 168316643 im a gay soldier in iraq, nobody knows, im so alone. "